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Victory Arms .22RF AR15 Semi Auto

Victory Arms AR15 .22 RF sold with as shown + 400+ rounds of .22 RF ammo quality metal construction great bit of kit.





 Pietta 1862 Police .44

Pietta Colt 1862 Police Pony Express. A brass framed variation of the '62 Police that was favoured by the famous 'Pony Express' riders. The pistol has a 20cm round barrel and with the exception that the frame, trigger guard and back strap are in polished brass.

This fine used example has never seen a lead ball down the barrel as it was only used as a blank fire re-enactment piece.

Reduced to Clear £120 


Pedersoli Harpers Ferry Pistol .58

Pedersoli Harpers Ferry Pistol .58 The first flintlock pistol ordered by the American government to equip the Navy. Named after the Virginia village where an armoury was built and destroyed during the Civil War and never rebuilt. The pistol has a 14.7mm (.58inch) calibre bright steel barrel, colour case hardened lock, brass furniture and a walnut stock.

Lovely Condition £245 Reduced £160


 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion Pistol .50 Thought to be a Maple stock

Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion Pistol. A traditional Kentucky pistol, manufactured to very high standards. The pistol has an octagonal browned steel barrel, colour case hardened lock with drum and nipple-not bolster, in keeping with many of the conversions from flintlock to percussion, brass furniture and walnut stock. Overall length 39.4cm (15.5inch) and weight 900 grams.

£225 Reduced to Clear £145


Winchester XL 1886

I have decided to sell some of my collection as I am so busy now that I have hardly had a chance to shoot any of them.

The Winchester 1886 XL is the gold leaf premium addition in 45-70 1-1000 (one of one thousand) and could be the only one in the UK. I have the original box and lock, and though there are some small marks on the high sheen select walnut stock where my ear defenders have caught her she is in very nice condition with less than 600 rounds going through her. She comes with the Lyman receiver dioptre also. This is a rare example.



 Reduced To Clear £1455

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