Sabatti Custom Made for WSS

Western Shooting Supplies have got together with Sabatti Firearms to make a range of quality field rifles configured to the UK shooter specifications. Today the UK shooter demands a rifle that incorporates smooth lines, balance and most importantly quality barrels.

All the rifles are made in house by the family run business and as such, have retained their quality as opposed to the mass market approach of some companies in this class. This mind-set you would think would produce a product at a prohibitive cost to the everyday shooter, but I have managed to negotiate an amazing price structure for the range that in my view should normally exceed the thousand pound mark.

The rifles have been made with a clean barrel profile in a medium weight stainless steel "Inox" or blued barrel, threaded in the factory for a moderator. Available in quality walnut with an adjustable cheek piece and a synthetic stock both with soft recoil butt pad.

The first consignment shown are available in calibres .222, .223 and .243 with the next consignment consisting of 6 mm PPC, .308, 25-06 and 6.5 x 55. Other calibre may be available by order.

The Custom 870 DL



Currently Available in .243 £995 £625 to clear.


The Custom 600 DL

The 600 has the structural features of Rover 870 DL, but with short action and detachable magazine.


Currently Available in .222 Rem. &. 223 Rem. £995 £625 to clear.


The Custom Inox 600 & 870

Offered in the 870 & 600 configuration sharing all the technical and ballistic features. The barrel, action, bolt system and the main parts of the mechanism are made in stainless steel. This provides durability and high resistance to the corrosion. with synthetic stock.


 Calibres Currently Available .243, .222 & .223  £895 £525 to clear


The Custom 600 & 870

With synthetic stock and blued action and barrel


Calibres Currently Available .243, .222 & .223. £795 Price Slashed to £445