Old West” loads are more than just authentic, they PERFORM! Heavy enough bullets to knockdown steel plates, but with light recoil to give you second shot accuracy required for speed shooting. I have personally tested the Magtech Cowboy range, and feel that the quality and accuracy is the best that I have experience for factory loads. For the shooter who does not hand load, this ammo is an excellent, affordable choice.

   Cowboy action ammo 44 special ammo 45 Colt Ammo 357 ammo

We also stock .22RF, in match grade, varmint control sub sonic, and plinking range ammo. .17HMR .22Mag and 12g shot shell in stock. POA.



SK / Lapau .22 "Magazine" sold in tins of 500 only £32 per tin.

We stock Fiocchi cartridges

 Due to security, ammo can not be posted to FAC holders directly, only via your local dealer. FAC holders can arrange to collect (please telephone), and will be asked to produce their FAC to comply with firearms legislation.