Custom Leather

Western Shooting Supplies has got together with a custom leather craftsman, to offer what I believe to be some of the best priced quality leather craft I have ever seen.

These examples are just a taste of what is available. Every piece is unique, as each design is hand carved to the individuals stated specification.

All of the leather is hand died and stitched, with no split leather used, offering thick hard wearing holsters, belts, saddle bags and more.

Priced at less than you think, and considerably lower than many, a plain rigs are priced at, £145 with more fancy work at £180-£245 for a complete Rig.

Any designs can be considered, almost anything can be made. I just require details measurements and drawings where applicable, so a quotation can be given.

Postage and Insurance £7.25 Per Rig, subject to weight.

Deluxe Custom Rig



 Eastwood Rigs

"Fast Draw"



"Lawman" Rig 

Bowie Deluxe Scabbard





"Slim Jim" Fancy Holster




"High Ride" Rig



Other Leather Items

We can make most leather items to your specifications, pattern and design. Shown below custom- made quality dog collars. Prices from £15 dependent on size and design. All items totally handmade, hand stitched tooled and dyed.



Just e-mail me your specifications at: for you custom quotation.