Hunting With A Musketoon

by Nathan Mueller

In Britain, in the field as God intended is full of problems. The folk at the top just won't let us use anything other than shot in a generally. I hope and pray there is an exception to this rule somewhere.


With a lot of help from Ed (Western Shooting Supplies) I got my hands on this little used Parker Hale Enfield Musketoon and have successfully taken plenty curry meat with it.

It is a tight .58 smoothbore and shoots a 1oz load of shot very well to 30yds with just 3-4 over shot cards on top of 60grn equilevnt of Pyrodex, (not 60grains of Pyrodex but a measure set for 60grn of BP).

One major obstacle to over come is how these guns using the original sights shoot high. I removed the parts of the Peabody assembly and stored them safely away. I then made a replacement that fits in the sight body that is fixed to the barrel. This allowed me to get a much lower V than the original set up.

The next concern is the stock, being very straight it needed bending down. I wrapped the wrist of the stock in cotton and with a baking tray full of linseed oil proceeded to heat the wrist with a heat gun and ladled large amounts of oil on the cotton at the same time until the wood went soft. An apparatus for clamping the gun down and a jack to push the stock was in waiting and a small amount of extra drop was achieved making the new sight more comfortable to use.


Before I used the Musketoon in the field I followed some tips found on the net for these guns. I made sure the breech is not touching the lock and used slips of brown paper to bed the barrel around the breech and tang and the barrel bands. Also I greased the underside of the barrel heavy to prevent damage from water.

Cleaning is a doddle, I run a tube from the nipple into a bowl and pour boiling water in the barrel and let it drain. Then I block the nipple with paper or patch and fill the bore again and tip it out into the sink. I repeat this until no black comes out. Next numerous damp patch's on a jag go down until they come out clean. Add more boiling water and tip out. The barrel is now so hot it wants to dry itself but I add dry patches to be sure. Now I remove the nipple and clean, also the outside with a damp patch or two. Whilst the gun is still hot I apply externally and in the bore a coating of a beef fat, beeswax & olive oil mix melted down on the stove and stored in a tin in which it sets to a nice paste.

 I never use mineral oil based substances near BP or Pyrodex

The only other important thing is the ram rod, the thread for a worm/ball puller is unique to PH I believe. I believe it is 26 1/2 tpi but as it happens I found O b.a. to be very close and so modified the rod's thread and made tools accordingly, however the ram rod end is separate to the rest of the rod! and Will not take any turning effort! I found where it is joined to the rest of the rod and v'd it out some and then welded it. I then put the rod in a lathe and turned the weld down and cleaned it up. The rod should now do service should I need it!


I am not at liberty in this land to publish just what other loads this gun likes but I do know that if I get close enough it will take what ever can be found in this land and that's without any rifling!


Thanks to Nathan Mueller for this article