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If you see a model you like, I may have it in stock, or would be happy to order it.

I wanted to offer a high quality range of rifles, but at more affordable prices than the current existing range available in the UK today.

With this in mind, Western Shooting Supplies has got together with Chiappa, (Armi Sports) to offer the UK shooter their beautiful firearms, made to very high standards but within a more realistic budget. It was also important for the range to offer an 1892 action, with the introduction of the new range of rifles, chambered in modern calibres such as .44 magnum and .357 magnum, along with the classics cartridges.

Here are some stock pictures just as a taste, and expect some more unusual calibres such as 38-55, 40-65 Sharps for a different experience, along with the recognisable 45-70, 45-90, 110 and the awesome 45-120


Model '92 .357 & .44 Mag 20 1/4 inch Round Barrel,

Case Hardened

When the Winchester Model '92 was first introduced, it was found to be mechanically stronger and cost less to produce than the '73 with a total 1,004,675 manufactured from 1892 through 1941 in both solid and takedown variations. Western Shooting Supplies is proud to be exclusively able to offer these high quality fine replica firearms of the '92 Winchester Rifle, and saddle-ring carbine. "Trapper" model, offered in a 16" rifle version and a new "Hard Chrome" finish that looks as great as it resists the rigors of wear and harsh elements also available.



.357 & 44 mag £995

38-40, 45 Colt & 44-40 also available poa


Model '92 .357 & .44 Mag 20 inch Octagonal Barrel,

Case Hardened



38-40, 45 Colt & 44-40 also available poa


Model '92 .357 & .44 Mag 24 inch Octagonal Barrel,

Case  Hardened


.357, .44 mag £1015

38-40, 45 Colt & 44-40 also available poa



 Spencer Carbine.44 Russian & 45 Colt


Spencer initially produced the 1860 Spencer Carbine which was noted to be accurate and fire rapidly and hold seven metallic cartridges which were't affected by dampness and it didn't need caps to fire! This new designed rifle could be fired more rapidly than a revolver and reloaded in a tenth of the time it would take to reload a "Colt" style revolver. The 1860 Spencer Carbine has been manufactured by Armi Sport recreating faithfully every little part in their details, all the components are made from solid piece of steel and cnc machined, in this way all the parts are fully interchangeable. The Spencer comes in its own hard plastic carry case.




 .44 Russian is considered to be an "Obsolete Calibre", however as it was made after 1939, (2010) an FAC will be required to purchase this rifle.

The Spencer is not, as far as we are aware at WSS offered by any other main manufacturer, making this not only a fine quality firearm, but quite unique also.



1892 Pistol (Mare's Leg)

The adventures of the Brisco Country Jr. The Magnificent Seven tv series: what do they have in common? The Mare's Leg*, (1892 Pistol), made famous by the bounty hunter Josh Randall. The original was a modified 1892 rifle or carbine cut down to pistol size. * Mare's Leg is a registered trademark of J.B. Custom, 3700 E, Pontiac St, Fort Wayne, IN 46803.

This beautiful and unique firearm is made to the same high quality as the standard 1892, and complies to UK law 



Example Show, .44 Mag Blued, Case Hardened And Chromed Also Available With Standard Loop Option


Kentucky Muzzle Loading Rifle

One of the most popular American long guns. One-piece walnut stock with oil finish. Furnished with brass butt plate, trigger guard, large patch box, side plate, thimbles and nose cap. Case hardened lock plate. This model features an octagonal blued barrel. This rifle has a brass blade front sight and a steel open rear sight.






Kentuckian .45 Percussion Muzzle loader

Perfect companion piece to the Kentucky rifle. This piece is available in .45 calibre. This pistol features a bird's head grip stock with brass ramrod thimbles and colour case-hardened lock. The Kentucky pistol has a brass blade front sight and a steel open rear sight




£325 Now £265


Little Sharps 38-55


This dependable "Old' Reliable" design of the original Sharps rifle has been begging to be manufactured in a lighter rifle in smaller calibres for over a century and is now available in a smaller, quality rifle for today's discriminating shooter. This elegant, small frame version of the 1874 Sharps dropping block action has been reduced in size by 20%. It has a case coloured receiver and a two piece, straight grip walnut stock with a steel butt plate. The octagon barrel has a blue finish and is complete with tang sights. With years of experience of re manufacturing the original 1874 Sharps design, Chiappa Firearms, has been building one of the best reproductions of the 1874 Sharps available today. Expect nothing less when you consider the smaller version of the Chiappa Sharps to add to your collection of fine arms!




Also Available in: .22LR, .45 Colt, in 24 & 26 inch Barrels.

Other Calibres Available by Special Order 30-30, 44-40, .22 Hornet, .17 HMR, 218 Bee and .22 Mag

Also Available in the New .17 Hornet


Berdan 1874 Sharps 45-70

This Sharps features a 30" round blued barrel attached to a one-piece American walnut hand oil finished stock with 3 metal bands. The front sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustable rear sight. Features double triggers. The twist is 1 in 18" with 6 grooves. Overall length 47". Stock features a steel patch box. Tang is pre-drilled for Creedmore sight placement with 2 1/4" base.




Adobe Walls 1874 Sharps 45-90

Named in honour of the young and famous scout, Billy Dixon, who hit a Kiowa warrior at 1538 yards, hooting with his Sharps on June 27, 1874 at Adobe Walls, Texas. Billy Dixon and 27 buffalo hunters were surrounded by more than 500 Kiowa and Comanche warriors, spurred by their "medicine man" who convinced them they were invulnerable at the "white" shots. Produced with octagonal 32 inch barrel, American quality walnut stock, checkered and oil finished, double set triggers and forend cap.



Sporting Sharps 40-65


40-65 Winchester

The .40-65 was introduced in 1887 as a calibre for the 1886 Winchester Lever Action & the 1885 High Wall. The .40-65 has a wide appeal to silhouette shooters being used by Denver gunsmith Ron Long to win The National Championship (USA) in 1987, 88 and 91. The .40-65 is able to do what the .45-70 can in competition shooting, but with a little less recoil.

Also Available in 45-70 




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