Caldwell Full Length Fire Control Shooting Rest

Whether for sighting in or competition, the Fire Control Rest has features that most rests don't. If adjustment is needed between shots because of wind or firearm movement, the front bag moves up, down, left and right. Additional Features: Locking Cradle Ears Complete control of Windage and Elevation Includes a medium leather-top front bag filled with media and a non-filled 3-lobe front bag.

That is the official blurb but how does it really stack up. The rest comes almost complete so involves little assembly, and no tools as the keys are all included. The rest makes a very sturdy platform, and has very good windage and elevation adjustment with the handy addition of a fine tune adjustment by means of the rod arm shown bellow. The bag is easily removable for those who shoot in bench rest competitions where a soft bag is prohibited, with a little ingenuity a block can be cut and gripped in the rest with no additional machining. 













The picture shows Peters' Winchester 94AE testing factory 45 Colt, and the fine adjustment came in handy for exact point of aim each time, though the rifle barely moved between shots. Peter was going to buy a pistol rest for the Taurus, but being the industrious chap that he is, was able to slide out the back rest, insert a spacer washer where the back rest come out, to leave a lovely pistol rest. So two rests in one, a bit of a saving with not too much trouble. Though this is a little expensive, the quality of production, using solid materials, and the Peters' patented "two in one" option, makes this a real quality product for the money.

 Rest shown supplied by Western Shooting Supplies.