.44 Magnum. (Light Under LeverLoads)

I thought I would look at reloading this calibre a little differently.

When I first started to reload, it was on a simple Lee 1000 press and auto-disc, using cheap bulk bullets from the local gun shop.

As it is probably the case with most shooters that start to reload, cost and simplicity plays some part. I have been lucky over the years to have accumulated a range of reloading equipment, auto electric scales, sizing press, swaging equipment not to mention a large range of powders that were bought and tried then only to remain on the shelf for ages.

It was quite refreshing to get back to a less complicated process:

Lee 1000 press with auto disc.

Lee hand primer tool

Lee primer pocket cleaner

Lee balance scale to check thrown weight.

Remington cases.

Budget 240 grain LRNFP bullets.

S&B LP primers

Looking at my loading note book, I decided to use Alliant Red Dot and IMR Trail Boss.

6 grains of TB and 7 grains of RD.

The Lee auto disc was able to throw an average variance of about .4 of a grain, and for plinking down the club was deemed as acceptable.

The bullets were taken straight out of the box and seated. There can be quite some difference in weight, as much as 3 grains, but this too was ignored.

Moderate crimp was used, job done. De-priming, pocket cleaning, re-priming, flaring, charging and seating took about 50 minutes for 60 of each load.

load data

I used my Rossi 20 inch barrel, cleaning between each batch. Groups of 10 were shot at 25 metres, from a shooting bag at a steady pace.

Red Dot and Trail Boss gave very similar groups, I would be happy with either powder. TB however gave a little less recoil, though again there was not much in it.

Having re-discovered for myself this less involved process, it made me wonder why I had spent money on some gadgets that I didn't really need.

The little Lee will be staying, as for the standard of shooting that I do, it is more than adequate.



 10 shots for group, 25 m, 240 LRNFP over 6 grains of Trail Boss

All load data here is published as recipes that have worked for me or other shooters. It is not meant to replace any data by powder manufacturers. If in doubt consult your load manuals. The individual assumes the risk fully for their safe loading practices.