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1873 SAA 22 Buntline, cal.22LR 12" barrel 6 rd, Black.

Model: SAA1873-22 UK Spec SS Ext Bar.
Type: Revolver
Action : Manual
Percussion system : Rimfire
Feeding system : manual
Barrel : Steel Liner
Trigger system : Single Action
Front sight : Fixed, blade type
Rear sight : Integral notch by standard models; adjustable in elevation and windage by Target models
Safeties : Safety key with red dot by all models distributed by Cimarron and Legacy
Material : Frame: special zamak alloy,

Special Offer £445



Pedersoli La Bohemienne (12 Bore)


The outside hammer percussion system always confers a certain elegance to a hunting shotgun, reminding us of a classic style that should not be forgotten. This classic side by side shotgun, featuring ease of handling, presents itself as the ideal solution for the hunter fond of beautiful guns. The barrels, with interchangeable chokes, are brown matt colour finished; the stock with pistol grip and the forend are chequered for a comfortable and safe grip. The frame is light colour case hardened with nice hand finished engraving. Can be used with steel shot cartridges but are recommended only with  Improved Cyl/Cyl chokes.

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 Pedersoli Doppietta Wyatt Earp (12Bore) Section 1

Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) was one of the most famous characters of the "Old West". He became famous for the gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona (October 26, 1881) . The event, inspired numerous films, re-living the battle that the brothers Virgil , Morgan and Wyatt Earp, along with Doc Holliday, against the Clanton brothers Billy, Ike and McLaury's (Frank and Tom) joined together with Billy Claiborne.  Only thirty rounds were fired but despite this and just a few of the participants being hit, the shooting is remembered certainly more than many others.

The shotgun "Wyatt Earp" allows easy opening with one hand , a rapid insertion of the cartridges and fast extraction of spent shells. Finished in walnut, with checkering to the pistol grip[. On the receiver, tortoise case-colour, and engraved with Wyatt Earp (on request can be supplied without the writing ) . The barrels are lapped and chrome-lined. The action / hammers are designed in the Colt style.  The weapon is ideal for hunting and for the best performance in the competitions of Cowboy Action Shooting.

£998 Sold


DOUBLEBADGER Over & Under rifle/Shotgun cal.22LR/.410

Over &Under foldable rifle, with two different calibres (one barrel calibre .22LR and one barrel calibre .410). Folds to 19" total length. Adjustable fibre optic rear sight drilled and tapped for modern scope bases. Also available in .410/.22rf Magnum.



£510 Reduced to Clear £455

Little Badger .22RFSingle Shot Rifle 
Single barrel foldable rifle, extremely light for the most comfortable carry. Folds to 16.5" total length. Adjustable rear sight. Available accessories: nylon carry-bag, special cartridge holder



RC92 cal.9 mm FLOBERT

Single barrel foldable Shotgun, external hammer. Light weight and compact ideal small vermin gun especially in confined spaces that require consideration to area damage, or a close quarters dispatching gun as a back-up to your main hunting rifle.

£225 Reduced To Clear £175


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 Ruger 10-22 .22RF Stainless

Black synthetic stock, stainless steel action and barrel, screw cut for moderator. £367


Ruger 10-22 .22RF Standard

Beech stock, blued action and barrel, screw cut for moderator £324


"Skinner Trapper"

The 1892 TRAPPER SKINNER CARBINE features a 16 IN round barrel, and is available in three different calibres. Metal parts are colour cased, stock and forend are walnut. Features Skinner rear sight & Front fibre optic sight w/interchangeable blades, oversized finger lever and complete matte blue finish.


£985 Massive Saving, Only £565 Limited Stock.


Rio Bravo 1892

There will never be another like the Rio Bravo! Inspired by the 1959 movie starring the Duke John Wayne, Chiappa Firearms is proud to offer the Rio Bravo Model 1892 lever action. Complete with a large loop lever, this is a quality reproduction of the carbine carried by Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne). It features a 20" barrel and is available in 45LC, 44/40, 38/40, 38 Sp and 357 Mag calibres. For the 1892 range Chiappa Firearms offers three lever types: standard, Bounty Hunter and Rio Bravo. All lever types are fully interchangeable; you can purchase a different lever to give your gun a completely different look and feel. This example is a special run chambered in 38-40.




Armi Sports 1892 Mat Chrome


Shown above in .357.  Prices From £1145




No. Shots

Barrel Length

Total Length

No. Of Grooves

Rate of Twist

Weight Lbs.






42 1/8"









42 1/8"









42 1/8"









42 1/8"









42 1/8"









42 1/8"





Armi Sports 1886 45-70

This is a beautiful reproduction of John Moses Browning's original Winchester Model 1886. Unlike the weal toggle-link actions of preceding Winchesters, the '86 incorporated two solid locking lugs that slid up on either side of the bolt when the lever was closed, making for a stronger action. This made it ideal for the big increase in power offered by the legendary 45-70 Government cartridge. Armi Sports, (Chiappa) have produced an accurate reproduction of the original with the exception of 21stcentury technology. The components of the new model 1886 are machined to exacting tolerances, assuring interchangeability of parts utilising modern metallurgy with a twist rate in the barrel suitable for today's ammunition.




1886 45-70 Standard Walnut

 Select Walnut Option: £1650 Standard Walnut: £1495

Extra Fancy Walnut: £1750



£1275, other Calibres Available


Take Down .357 & 45 Colt





1887 Lever Action Shotgun - short barrel

 Patterned after their highly acclaimed lever action rifle, the 1887 Shotgun was Winchester's first entry into a tremendous lineup of shotgun models. The Chiappa Firearms Model 1887 utilizes the design of the original 1887 solid lever that includes an innovative internal safety design that minimizes the possibility of accidental shooting while the breech block is open, not allowing the firing pin to strike the primer until the breech block is completely closed. Chiappa Firearms has developed a variety of versions for this model; the short barrel version is available with the standard 5 shot magazine (plus 2 in the receiver) or the special "Fast Load" version for CAS. The "Cowboy Hunter" model includes a conversion kit for an easy and fast change from hunting to CAS performance and back. The hunting version with 5 shot magazine includes 3 different chokes included in the box, while the Fast Load version includes one "cylinder" type choke mounted on the barrel. Pictured, "Cowboy Hunter" with standard option, (Fast Load System NOT INCLUDED)


Special Offer £999 section 1/2 Limited stock.


See The Chiappa Page for More Details

Napoleon Le Page "Silver" Pistol .45

This elegant pistol was originally designed by the armourer Le Page for Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor in 1811. This fine quality pistol features, Silver plated butt-cap and trigger gaurd, highly polished lock and barrel and a walnut stock. For additional comfort and accuracy, there is a spur finger rest on the trigger guard, and a double set trigger.

Available as a complete kit that features all you need (powder not included), patches, caps, cleaning rod and tools, capper spare nipples and more. Presented in this made to measure hard carry case ideal for range days.

Price shown includes Premium Range Kit, pistol available separately call for prices.

Pistol And Premium Kit As Shown £485

Silver Pistol AvailableSeparately £375 


 Napoleon Le Page B.B. (Black & Brass) Pistol .45

Same high quality as stated above, but offered in black and brass finish


 Pistol And Premium Kit As Shown £459

Pistol Only £359


Napoleon Le Page "Match" Pistol .45

Napoleon Le Page Pistol Match is the same high quality as the "Silver" model, but has been developed specifically for advanced shooting. Features an adjustable fine rear sight, the barrel and lock have been fully worked for the highest accuracy.

 Price Includes Kit As Shown Above


Match Pistol Available Separately £478


Henry.22LR Blued

The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular .22's on the market today. The reason for its popularity is because it shoots great, looks great and is remarkably affordable - about half the price of the competition.

The Henry Lever Action features an extremely attractive American walnut stock, the quality of which can only be found on guns three times the price. The action is exceptionally smooth, so smooth many first timers remark that they cannot believe the rifle has any internal parts. You simply have to get one into your own two hands and cycle the action a few times to see for yourself.

The Henry Lever Action also features side ejection, an adjustable rear sight, a hooded front sight and a grooved receiver for mounting a scope. The blued steel barrel is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling. The result is a highly accurate shooter.

The barrel length is 181/4'', overall length is 361/4'' and it weighs in at a very comfortable 51/4 pounds. The easy to load tubular magazine can handle 15 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, 17 rounds of .


 Henry Repeating Arms

Whether you choose one chambered for .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17 HMR, the Henry Golden Boy is a masterpiece of fine crafted gun smithing. Any shooting enthusiast who closely examines one is immediately impressed with the excellent fit, finish and overall visually elegant design.

The Golden Boy's awesome 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass butt plate and gleaming Brasslite receiver will transport you back to the wild and woolly days of America's Old West, when our company founder Benjamin Tyler Henry designed the original Henry lever action rifle.

Small game hunters and plinker's will appreciate its substantial 6 3/4 pound heft. It balances well and makes for highly accurate offhand shooting. The smooth action associated with Henry rifles opens and shuts with the effortless slickness lever-lovers long for. Get one in your hands and take aim. See what a natural pointer it really is.

Adding to the historic authenticity is the adjustable buckhorn-type rear sight. The .22 LR version holds 16 rounds. The .22 Mag and .17 HMR hold 12 rounds. Both will provide a whole lot of shooting pleasure before it's time to reload their tubular magazines.

The Henry Golden Boy is one beautiful classic that's affordable priced so you hombres won't have to rob a stagecoach to own one. Prices on request.


 Big Boy


Action Type: Lever

Calibre: 44 Mag /.44 Special

Capacity: 10 rounds

Barrel Length: 20'' octagonal with 1:38rh rate of twist

Length: 38 1/2'' Overall

Weight: 8.68 lbs.

Stock: Straight-grip American walnut


Sights: Adjustable Marble semi-buckhorn rear with white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight

Finish: Solid top brass receiver, brass butt plate and brass barrel band


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 TNT to Your Dealer (UK), £24-£28 + VAT