RCBS Rapid Acquisition Shooting

System Shooting Bench



The RASS bench offers rapid target acquisition, adjustments for elevation and gun rest height, as well as seat height and distance adjustments. With 360° of movement, this bench is great for varmint, target AND big game hunters. Also offers 20° of upwards and downward travel, a recoil strap and adjustable levelling feet. Made from steel and aluminium.

Well, that’s what the RCBS blurb says, but what is it really like?

An order was placed for a friend of mine for the bench, as being a “bit old and farty”, he wanted to save his back.

It arrived within ten days, and we unpacked it and started the assembly. I got out the instructions and began. “You don’t need those”, as said farty crumpled them up and threw them back in the box. “We are men, and men don’t need instructions”. “Look at it, how difficult can it be”.

Well he had a point, assembly was quite easy and only got a little stuck once.

I was immediately struck by the quality and finish, no cheap components or aluminium where steel should be. This is a very sturdy and stable platform, that can handle heavy recoil. Some cheaper, and for that matter more expensive benches just do not stand up (literally) when compared to the RCBS. Most sacrifice much trying to achieve transportability and reduced weight. The RCBS is a little heavy if you have some restrictive movement, but is light enough for most. The gun rest section comes away easily and so do the feet, making carriage and storage easy. The technical stats are list bellow:

Portable design
Full 360° movement
Rapid target acquisition
Fine adjustments for traversing and elevating
Adjustable gun rest height (20 degrees of upward and 20 degrees of downward travel)
Seat adjustable for height and distance
Aluminium & Steel construction
Accessory tray for ammo or brass
Adjustable levelling feet
Quick set up, no tools required

Will adjust to fit people from 4 feet tall to 7 feet tall, with a 350 pound weight limit
Legs extended result in a 65" diameter circle
Leg levellers give 3" of vertical adjustment
Seat height is adjustable over 3"
Depending on the leg levellers, the seat can be 21.5" to 29" high
Torso height has 2" of vertical adjustment
Depending on seat position and torso height position, there is 17.5" to 22.5" of seat to arm rest distance
Front rifle yoke has 4" to 8.5" of height above the rifle platform. This is the top of the yoke (not where the rifle rests)
Rear rifle yoke has 5.5" to 8" of height above the rifle platform. This is the top of the yoke (not where the rifle rests)
With everything at its highest point and the rest at 20 degrees up, the highest total spot on the rest is 62" above the ground. The actual muzzle would be much higher and depends on barrel length.

Once you see the quality, I think the value for money is excellent. Ed WSS.

This Item can be ordered Via WSS Call 07968 306084 or

01269 832654, Free Shipping.