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Fellow shooter, Western Shooting Supplies may be a little different to some other shooting supply websites you have been on. I specialise in "Cowboy Action" shooting and reloading, though other areas of shooting may also be covered. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is simply firearms that were used and develop in the Old West by our American cousins, (dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl is not compulsory).  

There has been growing interest in the UK for this kind of shooting, more and more clubs are holding regular Cowboy Action competitions. As a club shooter for quite some time now, the appeal of shooting holes in pieces of paper is starting to lose excitement. Cowboy Action, has many different disciplines, speed shooting, turning targets, skittle shooting, long range and the mystical art of black powder shooting  just to name a few.

This website focuses mainly on this style of shooting. Though I would not call myself any sort of expert in this area, I will try to be as helpful as I can with any questions or queries you may have, and would encourage fellow shooters for their inputHappy shooting Edward Lee. 

Importer For Pedersoli Cartridge Firearms & BP Revolver



The New Rolling Block Mississippi From Pedersoli  & The New "Boar Buster" in .444 Marlin, see the Pedersoli page for details.



 We are proud to announce that we now stock the Daystate air rifle range.

Stockist Of Henry Rifles " American Made"

 Importer for Fox Knives



Agent For Brownells UK


Brattonsound stockist

 Member Of The Gun Trade Association


Expanding ammunition is available via WSS subject to correct entry on your FAC, any doubt or questions please contact me.

Bulk Orders For Midway Placed Regularly, Save on Freight Charges, Phone For More Info

Returns policy

Returning New Items

If for any reason you are unhappy with a new item that you have received from us please inform us as soon as possible. If there is a fault with the item or it is damaged we will replace the item for you. If the item is not as described we will be happy to offer replacement. Please ensure that you contact us within 48 hours of receiving the item(s).

Returning Antique Items

We understand that when viewing antique items on a mail order website it can be difficult to evaluate the item. We try to be as accurate as possible when describing the antique items that we have for sale.  If for any reason you are unhappy with an antique item we will offer a full refund for the item excluding postage if it can been shown to be not as described. If the antique is faulty or damaged we will offer a full refund for the item and postage.

All items must be shown to be un-fired, used or worn, unless the fault was discovered as part of said operation, and within a reasonable time frame. 

Should there be a failure to do this, then firearms will have to be inspected and evaluated by the appropriately qualified gun smith this may require a firearm of a more specialist design to be returned to the manufacturer. If it can be shown that there is reasonable doubt to the validity of a manufacturing fault, improper use, "tinkering" or incorrect ammunition type, load or specification, then no refund can be offered. Repairs, gun smith reports and shipping costs will then be at the owners cost, and cannot be refunded. Western Shooting Supplies Consider 1 month from the date of purchase as a reasonable time frame to report such faults, however faults accruing over the longer term due to an inherent manufacturing or processing issue will always be considered.

Owners that just decided that they no longer want a particular product, or just do not get on with certain products and make dubious claims of faults Will No Longer Be Able to Return Items For Refund Without Being Challenged.

All Blank Fire revolvers returned as faulty or parts required under warranty will be rejected should there be suspicion of the revolver being "Fanned" or otherwise tinkered with. 


In all instances please call us before returning an item.

  Card Payments Welcome.

Credit cards will have a transaction and handling charge of 2.5%

Debit card transactions are free of charge


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